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The Role of Adult in the Life of a Child

(Excerpt from Art Workshop - Essay by Betsy McKenna)

"The role of adult is complex. There is no formula. 

At the time of my first child’s birth, I remember thinking I was fortunate to have had years of experience in the classroom as early childhood teacher. Yet, as parent it was different and it wasn’t easy. There were so many experts in the field with so many approaches from which too choose. I had to become my own parent expert. I had to navigate the waters based on instinct and intuition. I had to go with my gut.

The uncharted territory became less daunting when I granted myself the time to understand myself as parent and even more importantly, understand more about my child. Over the years, and three children later, this is what I have come to know and understand: Each child has a unique personality. Each child has its own temperament. I needed to parent accordingly. How?”

Original post date: November 13, 2016

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