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Summer Learning…its not too late

It’s not too late to complete this math equation…

Simple + Unstructured = Summer Learning

It seems that we have reached mid point in our summer and perhaps its time to check off a few essentials on your child’s summer learning list. If you haven’t already… Give them unstructured time to explore, uncover and discover new ideas. Give them voice in what they want to do. Give them choice in making decisions for themselves. Give them a chance to implement their good ideas. Trust that this is an important kind of life-long learning.

Summer Learning list- to do before school:

  • Find water….brings hours of imaginative play

  • Seek green space….essential to stay connected to their natural world

  • Care for a plant….important to foster empathy

  • Offer a big box & string….creativity abound

  • Go on a visit…..make connections

  • Write a message/letter…build relationships

  • Revisit a beloved book….a best friend

  • Find balance

  • Less is more

Original post date: July 21, 2015

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