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Facilitative Leadership

“Facilitation is a cycle of careful listening and strategic questioning.”

Recently, I participated in the Student Reform Initiative (SRI) Seminar that focused on Facilitative Leadership. The cohort, a dynamic group of educational leaders, came together to explore ways in which to inspire and motivate students and teachers to deepen their teaching and learning practice.

Facilitation is an intentional process. It is a cycle of careful listening and strategic questioning. It is a dynamic process that has the power to transform ideas into action.

In a school setting, teachers are facilitators. As we know, teaching is not simply a matter of transmitting information and learning is not simply a matter of absorbing facts and memorizing equations. There is a belief system that everyone is capable and competent. The classroom is an ever-evolving dynamic lab that provokes, tests and constructs knowledge. It a place where process holds more value than its product.

Original post date: October 28, 2014

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